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My very first Nendoroid(s)

Review and expectations for my late hype in Nendoroids.

I am thinking to make this a somewhat a serious review but knowing myself that I don’t do much serious but I’ll try my best seriously. Lol

[ disclaimer : this is not a spot the fake and original nendoroid review or anything. ]

Okay I’ll start off  with my first nendoroid Hatsune Miku. I first bought Hatsune Miku 2.0 ( #300 ) as you can see in my Instagram account I posted there the first figures that I bought. Well anyways the second need I bought is the first edition of Hatsune Miku ( #33). 

Here are the photos of them both side by side.

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I know I know.

It’s been a fucking while. I KNOW. 

If I would explain myself I’ll just say some shitty reasons so I’ll just shut it. Hehe.

Anyways I would just update some of things here like the links and stuff. Recently I got into micro blogging and gaining more friends there so I linked all of my accounts together so it'll just update altogether. 

I don't want to leave blogspot because… I don't know. It gives me the pleasure of writing rubbish and no one will care. Hahaha. 

I hope I find some time to put something here and update this blog. 

I’ll go for now. 

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Spring Time

Me Posting late... AGAIN.

Well I suppose that I should post an entry for this year's spring even though I'm a little late. Japan is also known for their spring time because of the Sakura trees or Cherry blossoms.

I this is not my first time seeing sakura trees but this is my first time experiencing Hanami or flower viewing.

Here in Japan they have this culture of hanami where people go to parks and set up a place to seat and eat bentos (packed lunch) and drink alcohol while watching the sakura trees.
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Free to Use Chibi Bases again!

Free Resources again~

Another Chibi Bases for you guys can use!

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Local Arcade

Gamer? You love Arcade?

Well this is the place that I avoid the most. Why? I can't get out of the arcade easily. LOL.  I spend a lot of money in the arcade! So I quite avoid going into one.

but this time I got intrigued in this local arcade in Takadanobaba (高田馬場駅). It looks cool and different than the Taito arcades.

The first floor contains the variety of games and the bulky ones.