GIF Chronicles: Part III

The GIF Chronicles: Part III

this one is for my friend Luchie Ronques ;)
when I asked her what does she like., she just told me that anything will do., and since her code name in our clan is Kotonoha Katsura from School Days...

I made a GIF of

GIF Chronicles: Part II

The GIF Chronicles: Part II

So this one.,
I made it for my friend Achie Sy~
she's from my clan,.
anyway when I asked her what should I do for her, she told me that she wanted herself for the GIF and in bikini since it's summer here in the Philippines ;)

anyway...stop with the rumblings... here's

GIF Chronicles: Part I

The GIF Chronicles: Part I

I going to upload the GIFs that I made for my friends and other commissions here :)
I'm no good at CG nor in trad., in short I'm not that good at drawing but le me will share it to you :) so if your so good and kind please give me some tips in drawing :)) I would love it :*

so here's my first GIF that

Art Trade with Mkay~

Me and my friend Mkay decided to have a art trade ;) and I requested for Kon ([BLEACH]) and she requested for Hanataro Yamada then again from [BLEACH]

here's the link to her art trade for me : Kon fan art :)

Our Summer Getaway at Camaya Coast Bataan

This last April 5, 2013 Friday I have been invited by my friend Noelle to join her family at Camaya Coast Bataan. And so I joined them with a few of our classmates :)

A fan art from

call me mkay: FAN ART Part 3: ZARAKI KENPACHI & KUSAJISHI YACHIRU Fan art for le friend,  Tonette Cruise , 'coz she told I could d...

Fan Art/ Art trade ;) for Mkay~

Yamada Hanataro
Kubo Tite

A fan art for my beloved friend Mkay :*

so sorry for my incompetence to make this artwork good.,
even though your so good..
I did my best with love in this :*


A Sudden Sleepover

oh yeah oh yeah~

A sudden sleepover here in my house~
for our swimming at Camaya Coast.,

and while waiting for the time.,
We (me, my two siblings, and my friend) watched this Thai horror movie "3 am"