Spring Time

Me Posting late... AGAIN.

Well I suppose that I should post an entry for this year's spring even though I'm a little late. Japan is also known for their spring time because of the Sakura trees or Cherry blossoms.

I this is not my first time seeing sakura trees but this is my first time experiencing Hanami or flower viewing.

Here in Japan they have this culture of hanami where people go to parks and set up a place to seat and eat bentos (packed lunch) and drink alcohol while watching the sakura trees.

Free to Use Chibi Bases again!

Free Resources again~

Another Chibi Bases for you guys can use!

Local Arcade

Gamer? You love Arcade?

Well this is the place that I avoid the most. Why? I can't get out of the arcade easily. LOL.  I spend a lot of money in the arcade! So I quite avoid going into one.

but this time I got intrigued in this local arcade in Takadanobaba (高田馬場駅). It looks cool and different than the Taito arcades.

The first floor contains the variety of games and the bulky ones.

Cheap Finds

I found a cheap Soba shop at Shinjuku!

The shop is the open type eatery. The style is you need to eat fast like a eat and go because the available seat is for 7 - 10 people only. The price is very cheap! around 400 - 500 Yen.

And so it begins...

One of my random musing and story of my current drama in life. 

Every thing went well at first but then I decided so abruptly even my heart didn't got ready.
At first it's just a dream, a fantasy of mine. I didn't even thought that it might actually come true. Well okay... I made sure that I'll make this dream will come true. 

My Prelude

This fantasy started when I got more and more deeper with anime. My 'What if' usually is living and having a life in Japan. I passed through high school and college without taking a foot in my dream country, I even forgot this dream since it seems so impossible. Then my breakthrough came when I passed my board exam.