My very first Nendoroid(s)

Review and expectations for my late hype in Nendoroids.

I am thinking to make this a somewhat a serious review but knowing myself that I don’t do much serious but I’ll try my best seriously. Lol

[ disclaimer : this is not a spot the fake and original nendoroid review or anything. ]

Okay I’ll start off  with my first nendoroid Hatsune Miku. I first bought Hatsune Miku 2.0 ( #300 ) as you can see in my Instagram account I posted there the first figures that I bought. Well anyways the second need I bought is the first edition of Hatsune Miku ( #33). 

Here are the photos of them both side by side.

I bought them last year autumn and I really got hooked with figure and nendoroids. I’m just a beginner really. I just buy what I think I like and what I think looks cute. I’m not like some elitist or something lol but I haven’t seen any bootleg figure and nendoriods here but I’m sure there are some bootlegs here but I really haven’t seen one. 

Here are the inclusion of Hatsune Miku ( #33 ) 
As you can see the finish is not all so perfect. I actually thought that I bought a bootleg but no she’s not. She’s just one of these old version of nendoroids. 

And here comes Hatsune Miku 2.0 ( #300 )
With more clear and clean finish. 

The faceplate is the new type too as you can see in this photo on the right side the old type of the faceplate and the left side is the new one.  The stand too is new and somewhat a standard to other nendoroids. 

The finish in the old one is more matte and you can see it in their clothes. I also forgot to mention the old ones tend to have this gloss in their face, that’s because they’re old and the material tend to react I guess to heat and to remove that weird glossiness. You just have to give the faceplate a warm bath with mild soap. :) 

And here are they. 

This conclude my showing off my first nendos. 

Expectations for the my late hype.

Well at first I really find them cute and I think I started late but then again there’s no early or late in collecting. You can always get the old ones too. Anyway, I really don’t know what to get for my first nendoroid because you have so many characters and fandom to choose from. So I thought why not start off with Miku since she’s easier to find and you can find her cheap too. (In some places). 

But I was wrong. 

She has a lot of version! Really. You guys can check the net for other Hatsune Miku nendoroids. So I started with the “default” version of Miku and I thought, that’s it I’m done since I got her. But boy I was so wrong in that idea. As I got her other version I started to buy the other versions too. I am actually glad today that I stopped buying Hatsune Mikus. LOL. Why? Because I got my favorite version of her. It’s the Hatsune Miku Snow 2013 version. She’s my most expensive nendoroid that I have. I really like her so I thought okay I must stop here or my family will kill me for filling the house full of Miku. 

So I really did expect that I’ll stop early but no I didn’t. I dragged it for a year of collecting. Like every payday I buy one or two nendos. I actually stopped buying now….. not really. I’m just waiting for the pre-orders then waiting for Tanaka (Haikyuu!!) then I’m done. 

Anyway I’ll end here for today. Sorry for the long post even though I know no one ever read this hahaha. 


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