About me.//

Who am I?

`I'm Kuro Shujin a student, a designer, a dreamer.

`others know me as Kuro Shujin, Tokisaka Reiji, or Maldita :)

`I like to share my experiences with everyone,. that's why I blog :).

`I do things...

`I do like photography.//

`I do like music.//

`I do play violin.//

`I do painting.//

`I do like watercolor.//

`I do like markers.//

`I do like books.//

`I do like anime.//

`I do love my family and friends.//

`I do love my FOLLOWERS.//

`I <3 GOD.//


`Anyway this is my personal blog so this will contain all of my shit, art, photography, food, and everything that interest me. I'm just a mere feeler artist so please don't tell me that I suck because I know it...

`Please do expect a lot of random musings from me XD