Spring Time

Me Posting late... AGAIN.

Well I suppose that I should post an entry for this year's spring even though I'm a little late. Japan is also known for their spring time because of the Sakura trees or Cherry blossoms.

I this is not my first time seeing sakura trees but this is my first time experiencing Hanami or flower viewing.

Here in Japan they have this culture of hanami where people go to parks and set up a place to seat and eat bentos (packed lunch) and drink alcohol while watching the sakura trees.

My first time doing hanami is with my friends who I met here in Japan. I don't have a family here so I'm a little loner. haha. Anyway I went to Inokashira Koen and Roka-Koen.

Inokashira Koen is a big park where you can even enjoy riding a boat with your date. (I wish I had a date)

I enjoy hanami because of the drinking part. LOL.

There's a sakura petal in my tea.

It's actually hard to find a place when you want to set up a place where you can eat and drink because many people go early to the park to mark their space; and it's hard to time the bloom of the sakura trees and since its spring time, there are times that rains and so the petals of the sakura trees fell.

Anyway if you guys want to see the sakura trees and experience doing hanami, I think April 1st is the best time. March 26 - April 1 is always the prediction for the blooming of sakura tress.

Going home now on the bus hahaha!
I hope you enjoy my post.

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