New Channel~


It's good to be back again :) it's been a while~

so here I'm back with lots of things :) but I'm going to separate it in other blog post but for now I want to let you guys know that...

I have a new channel at YouTube! :)

my YouTube Channel <3

so please visit me and of course be my subscriber! please? *v*

What's in my Channel?

I post my tutorials there about making things like charm bottle. My siblings requested me to make some for them then I thought that I take some video while making it., so two birds in one stone! Please watch my tutorials! You can suggest some charm bottle project to me and I'll make it! :) 

I would really appreciate your suggestions <3

Most of my Charm bottles are inspired from Harry Potter Potions :) why? BECAUSE my siblings are addicted to Harry Potter series!

Here are some pictures of my charm bottles! :)

 My Harry Potter Potion Collection :) 


Veritaserum the potion that if a taker drink it, the taker will tell the truth

Baneberry potion

Felix Felicis also known as Liquid Luck

Amortentia worlds strongest love potion <3

Gillyweed the one that Harry Pottre ate

Drink of Despair

Visit my YouTube Channel to see how I make some of my Charm Bottles! :)


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Mary Kay Daguro | 4 May 2013 at 23:12

gusto ko yung rainbow stars and coffee~!!!!

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