=At Night

*okay this is the first instalment in my soon to be collection of horror stories and I wrote it so...yeah...*

"First Encounter"

I'm wide awake. My eyes have already adjusted to darkness.
I don't know why I can't sleep. Every day, I remain wide awake at this hour. I constantly get this feeling like I'm waiting for something. I don't why, maybe I'm just an insomniac or has some sleeping disorder.

It’s 1:10AM. Somebody is walking in the hallway again.

 The door slightly rattled.
I memorized the pattern, and as always, I assumed it’s the cat roaming around.

I heard a knock.
At first I thought it was Sister Van, a nun that checks on us in the middle of the night but I had a sudden realization that Sister Van never knock when she visits. So I ignored the three knocks at the door.

Every day, same hour.  Footsteps, door rattling and three knocks. I want to ask my roommate about it but I decided not to because she might accuse me of scaring her. But it's our third month of staying here and the pattern continues. When I finally asked her about it and she claims she hears nothing and she concluded that it was just a dream.

The Next Night

It's 3:00AM and I hear nothing this time. My sleepiness finally came.

I was startled! A sudden knocking. It sounded like someone's begging to open the door. I slowly sit up on my bed, in hesitation of opening the door. My heart starts to pound rapidly. 
I stood up and slowly opened the door …

A woman standing in front of me and at first I couldn’t see her face because of her hair covering it. I tried to speak and ask her but I was at lost for words.
I was in the state of shock when I realized she has no face yet I could see her eyes. She started to raise her hand, reaching for me.

The next thing I knew is waking up on the floor in front of the door. My roommate laughs at me thinking I fell from my bed and I want to believe that too but I could still vividly remember what happened this morning and if I told anyone about this? They won't believe me.

`end of 1st encounter`

*okay so here is my first instalment of =at night*
hope you like it guys <3


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