Free to Use Chibi Base for everyone~

Free Resources~~

Have you ever used a base for your artwork? 

As for me, yes. I used some bases and I used to make my own bases for easier and faster artworks. Mostly I use the bases for chibi artworks. So....

I made this chibi base for everyone to use :)

Before using please do read the rules :))


  • Please use my resources discreetly.
  • Do whatever you want with it. Use it for points or e-currency or even for adaptables.
  • Everything here is free. //^u^//
  • If you posted your work using our resources please tag me. (tagged as #kshujinresource) 
  • If you can please do link me back.
  • Do not share the DL link directly instead share the link of my page.
To Download:

     This is

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