And so it begins...

One of my random musing and story of my current drama in life. 

Every thing went well at first but then I decided so abruptly even my heart didn't got ready.
At first it's just a dream, a fantasy of mine. I didn't even thought that it might actually come true. Well okay... I made sure that I'll make this dream will come true. 

My Prelude

This fantasy started when I got more and more deeper with anime. My 'What if' usually is living and having a life in Japan. I passed through high school and college without taking a foot in my dream country, I even forgot this dream since it seems so impossible. Then my breakthrough came when I passed my board exam.

My family went to Japan as a gift for passing the boards. For me it's my first time and it felt like I'm a child that went to a toy store. I got stomachache because of too much excitement. I know it sucks but I overcame it with just a knack of medicine. I thought it's going to be my first and last time in Japan but hell yeah I came back in spring to spot on the infamous sakura trees, it sure was breathtaking.

After our spring in Japan my mother who fell in love in Japan is already planning to have another winter and its going to be at Osaka. Everyone in our family was excited including me of course. At this time I'm already working and at first it was going well, too well. Then I felt that my life will always be sitting in a office. I can't seat straight thinking I could be more then I decided to make my dream come true.

I pushed it through until I got my parents approval. Now I'm studying here in Japan. LOL. I know I decided this out of spite but that spite is making myself more alive and crazy.

Now it's my 6th month here in Tokyo Japan and adjusted so I'm in a late post now. Everything went so fast that I even forgot my blog. Japan life is sure amazing and fun but now I'm adjusted it has its ups and downs.

and now my post have so many words. LOL.
Anyway this is just a sharing post.

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