Local Arcade

Gamer? You love Arcade?

Well this is the place that I avoid the most. Why? I can't get out of the arcade easily. LOL.  I spend a lot of money in the arcade! So I quite avoid going into one.

but this time I got intrigued in this local arcade in Takadanobaba (高田馬場駅). It looks cool and different than the Taito arcades.

The first floor contains the variety of games and the bulky ones.

The awesome Star Wars game!

The arcade has the old school games.

They even have the games in the old school style.

The second floor contains all the video games like Tekken, Guilty gear, Street Fighter, and etc. 

Every weekend they have tournament of Guilty Gear! It was so awesome!
Well I just looked around here and didn't play. Haha! Before I get warped inside!
The arcade located beside the Takadanobaba station. 

Until then.
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